Cross labeling LiDAR datasets

What? You can do that?

Actually kind of.. anyone who had done any geomatics work will know some distance search function. So if you have a dataset that has classification label (dataset A), you can theoretically transfer the label to a second dataset (dataset B) that doesn’t already contain any labels. Simple.

For each point in dataset B, search a point that is closest in dataset A, then copy the label over and it’s done. There are so many existing functions for calculating distance, my colleague started with matlab. However, to search 500,000,000 points, that takes forever, after looking through several methods, I end up with using “Closest Point Set” with cloudcompare. Although I still have to split them in 1gb tiles, the processing time is much faster!

Example data tile colored by height, without labeling
Same example data tile, with labelled copied from a previous labelled dataset (orange = building, light blue = ground, green = vegetation, dark blue = unclass)

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