Connie Ko

ProfileAn analytical, self-motivated, and team-oriented individual, with extensive teaching and research experience in the ever-changing realms of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.   More than 4 years’ experience teaching (3 courses), complemented by more than 17 years of research experience with GIS and remote sensing techniques (machine learning, computer vision, advanced data computation, 3D web mapping of geo-spatial data).Advanced working knowledge and familiarity with GIS-related software (ESRI ArcGIS desktop, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, QGIS, MapInfo, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, assist in developing GIS curriculum).Strong technical aptitudes and experience with remote sensing software (PCI Geomatica, LAStools, CloudCompare, Reigl). Proficient in R, MATLAB, Python, Java Script, and API programming.
Research Interests: 3D Vegetation Mapping (Forest and Urban Environment)Sensing: Space LiDAR, Airborne LiDAR, Terrestrial LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR, Multi-Spectral LiDAR, crowd sourcing, spectral images, slam and the combined use of sensors.Processing: deep neural network, machine learning, physical remote sensing, computer vision, 3D recognition and classification of objects.Visualization: 3D modelling, 3D web mapping, and visualization.

Current Positions

Adjunct Faculty Member , Department of Geography, York University (Toronto), 2019 July – present                     

Research Associate, Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering, York University (Toronto), 2015 – present                     

GIS & Remote Sensing Technician, Department of Geography, York University (Toronto), 2003 – present

Ongoing and Previous Research Projects

Remote SensingDeep learning with LiDAR dataset for tree detection and tree species classification with multi-modal LiDAR (Dr. Gunho Sohn, 3DMMAI) 2018 – present.3D modeling of virtual twin for York University Campus (Dr. Gunho Sohn, ISSUM) 2019 – present.  
 Radiometric calibration for estimating retro-reflectivity of traffic signs condition with mobile LiDAR (Dr. Gunho Sohn; Fugro) 2016-2017.
 Tree species supervised classification using single and multiple wavelength LiDAR with machine learning methods (Teledyne Optech, Dr. Gunho Sohn) 2015-present; (GeoDigital International Inc, Dr. Gunho Sohn, Dr. Tarmo Remmel) 2008-2014.
GISSubalterity, public education and welfare cities: Comparing the experience of displaced migrants in the three cities (Toronto, Kolkata, Havana) (SSHRC; Dr. Ranu Basu) 2015-present.
 Using GIS for analyzing multiplicity in Scarborough, public space and education (SSHRC, Dr. Ranu Basu) 2011-2013.
Geometric index development for characterizing 2D polygons for classifying sub-arctic lakes and forest fire residuals types (Dr. Tarmo Remmel; Dr. Richard Bello) 2010.
3D web mapping for tree hazards detection in powerline networks (GeoDigital International Inc, Dr. Gunho Sohn, Dr. Tarmo Remmel) 2008-2014.
 LiDAR processing and 3D web mapping ofYork University virtual campus – icampus project (Dr. Gunho Sohn) 2008.
 Hydrological modeling of Oak Ridges Moraine area with GIS (Dr. Qiuming Cheng) 2002-2003.
Carbon Budget modeling using GIS of the Hudson Bay Lowland (Dr. Richard Bello) 2001.
OtherStatistical analysis on Mexican seniors and quality of life of Mexican Women; case study (Dr. Bryan Massam) 2016-2018.